Every Golfer's Swing is Unique
Our Pro Shop Technicians and Master Club Fitters can help repair and customize your clubs, so you get the most out of your game. Equipped with the latest technology, we can fine-tune and perform precision alterations on new or existing clubs to help maximize your golf potential.

Maintaining Your Clubs
Taking good care of your golf clubs will help them not only last longer but perform better for you on the course

Your connection with the club hinges solely on the grips, making them a critical yet often neglected component. Subjected to the harsh elements of ultraviolet rays, intense car trunk heat, and the accumulation of dirt, oil, and perspiration from your hands, grips undergo significant wear and can become rigid and slippery over time. Studies show that 66% of golfers who had new grips this season saved 3 to 4 strokes per round. This demonstrates the importance of clean, tacky grips to your overall game. We encourage all players to engage with our Technicians for personalized guidance on selecting the optimal grip size tailored to the unique dimensions of your hand. This ensures that your clubs are finely customized to enhance your individual playing characteristics.

Whether it's a new club or an old classic favorite, we can help repair or customize your shaft. Our Technicians can expertly remove your old shaft, and replace it with any new one we carry, or adjust the length. Whether you have steel or graphite shafts, we recommend that you periodically check for dents, rust, pits or any structural abnormalities that could impact your overall performance.

Loft & Lie Adjustment
Using state-of-the-art equipment, our Technicians use industry training and expertise to professionally bend the clubs to your individual loft and lie specifications.

Custom Fitting
Your clubs should be fit to your swing — not your swing to the clubs. For a reasonable fee, you can build your very own set of clubs, made specific to your game. Speak with one of our professionally trained Technicians today about performing a quality and experienced full club fitting session leaving you hitting straighter, further and with consistently lower scores.

Putter Fitting
The putter is often overlooked, but this is the most important club in your bag. If you push or pull a lot of your putts, if may not be your stroke. Let our Technicians assess your stroke, and custom fit the perfect putter for your game to help reduce your score today.

Service Fees
The service fees outlined below cover the labour and services provided by Golf Town associates. It's important to note that the fees listed do not include the cost of the actual product being purchased, such as golf grips or shafts. The product cost is separate and will be in addition to the service fees mentioned.


  Club Tune-Up Package
  • Chart the lie and loft of all irons in set
  • Adjust any lofts or lies out of line with the rest of the set
  • Provide grip fitting analysis and recommendations
  • Inspect shafts for damage and corrosion
  • Inspect condition of ferrules
  • Thorough cleaning

  Note: Some clubs cannot be adjusted.


 Grip Install  $4.00 per club
 Save grip / Resize  $15.00 per club
 Reshaft Steel  $20.00 per club
 Reshaft Graphite  $25.00 per club
 Reshaft Bore Through  $35.00 per club
 Rattle in Head  $30.00 per club
 Re-attach Head  $20.00 per club
 Drill-Out  $20.00 per club
 Lie & Loft Adjustment  $5.00 per club
 Lie & Loft Charting  $3.00 per club
 Shaft Extension  $15.00 per club
 Shorten Club  New Grip + Grip Install
 Shorten Club (save grip)  $15.00 per club
 Swing Weight Adjustment  $15.00 per club
 Grip Install - Customer Provided  $6.00 per club
 Reshaft Bore Through - Customer Provided  $35.00 per club
 Reshaft Steel - Customer Provided  $30.00 per club