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    These industrial fans are used in high pressure air motion applications such as combustion fans or air knife systems. Such high pressure radial flow industrial fans are characterized by a relatively large diameter of their width. The central inlet of the impeller is also small relative to the total diameter of the impeller. This design enables industrial fans to achieve high pressures associated with volumetric flow.
    The high pressure radial flow type of industrial fans is also commonly referred to as a blower and can achieve high pressures. High-pressure radial fans typically operate at high rotational speeds and may require additional noise attenuation due to casing burst noise and higher noise levels at the inlet and outlet of the high-pressure radial flow fans.
    Used to inhale clean, dusty air. These types of high pressure fans feature high output and save power because they have a special fan impeller with reverse vane (negative) assembly.
    These types of fans are particularly suitable for pneumatic conveying, cement plants, foundries and oil burners, factories, “pasta” factories, domes, air supplies in the chemical, metallurgical and iron industries. Medium pressure and high pressure are required.
    Customized High Pressure Centrifugal Fan