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    6 Inch White Personalized Acrylic Creative Picture Frame for Home Decoration Two Piece Sets Leggy Horse
    Quick Detail:
    4″×6″ white photo frame two piece sets for home decoration. It is currently the only one of the frames can be 3D stereoscopic spliced, obtain a number of global patents. It is the best choice of fashion people who pursuit of creativity, modern, high-quality, non-traditional frame.
    Product advantage
    ◆ Multi Shape Flexibility
    Leggy horse’s unique assemble technology makes each photo frame perfectly fitted with another in various angles. This unique assembling technology let people use their creativity and imagination to DIY thousands of layouts to decorate your homes with your pictures.
    ◆ Easy, convenient usage experience
    No damage to the surface. Nails, screws and glues are not required while mounting Leggy horse photo frame on any smooth and flat surfaces. You just need a magical module to fix the frames on the surface, which is one of the spare parts of the photo frame sets. Magical module can be used repeatedly. If on unsmooth wall, only 2 nails are required to fix the Leggy horse photo frame. The frame also can be fixed on the wall, corner, glass window, desk or any other places you want. Even without taking down the frame, you can change the photos easily.
    ◆ High Quality Materials
    This fantastic transparent photo frame is made of the best quality acrylic material environmental friendly ABS standard materials and unique leather. With the multi-material ultrasonic soldering technology, the whole frame has no glues at all, formaldehyde free. It ensures high clarity and transparency to compliment your pictures and also keep them safe for a longer time. It will not loosen even after using for a long time.
    ◆ Applicable for multi-scenes
    House and home, office, store/market, baby room, coffee shop, gift-box, etc.
    Specification and Packaging
    MODELLH-4×6-2 W
    MaterialsFlexible Leather, high transparent Acrylic, ABS
    4″×6″FRAME SIZE179.1×102.6×8 mm
    INNER PACKING SIZE (MM)186×110×21mm
    N.W(KG)/ SET0.18
    PACKING SIZE (MM)275×240×206mm
    N.W(KG)/ CTN4.47
    G.W(KG)/ CTN5.47
    MOQ:24 SETSFancy Picture Frame suppliers